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Admin Vixaria Avatar
Aug 29, 2018 22:00:03 GMT
Admin Vixaria: Well I am sorry I missed you guys..
Alpha Tenebris Avatar
Aug 29, 2018 22:06:55 GMT
Alpha Tenebris: Come on guest join us so we take off!!
Guest Avatar
Aug 29, 2018 22:31:40 GMT
Kade: I am here!
Guest Avatar
Aug 29, 2018 22:31:52 GMT
Kaden: woops >>
Guest Avatar
Aug 29, 2018 22:33:09 GMT
Kaden: Okay, I normally join the disccord first but i dont have acess atm soooo can someone give me a run down on the plot or whatever? Just to know the basic idea of whats going on :)
Admin Vixaria Avatar
Aug 29, 2018 22:43:10 GMT
Admin Vixaria: Holy crap!! Hi!!
Admin Vixaria Avatar
Aug 29, 2018 22:43:18 GMT
Admin Vixaria: lol I am soo sorry I was doing a post
Admin Vixaria Avatar
Aug 29, 2018 22:45:02 GMT
Admin Vixaria: But sure! Pretty much we are an Elemental Wolf site, it's all open plot. We are adding some things to it, soon there will be added monsters to fight. We have added a new race, the Hybrid. It's just a big open world of opportunities ^-^
Admin Vixaria Avatar
Aug 30, 2018 19:53:12 GMT
Admin Vixaria: Evening wolves!
Admin Vixaria Avatar
Aug 31, 2018 12:34:02 GMT
Admin Vixaria: Goodmorning wolves! I hope everyone has a good day. If I am needed or any of you guests have a question please join the Discord as I will not be home very much today. ^-^
Guest Avatar
Sept 1, 2018 22:46:18 GMT
Tresa: Hey guys so for some reason the site wont let me login to my account, and I don't know what the issue is. Was I somehow removed as a member?
Rogue Kraken Avatar
Sept 2, 2018 21:57:43 GMT
Rogue Kraken: Urg, Ya'll I am so sorry for not being as active as I should be. I've been dealing with rotten migraines for the past week and a half and nothing is curing them and they're making me not want to do anything, especially after working in the house and
Rogue Kraken Avatar
Sept 2, 2018 21:58:13 GMT
Rogue Kraken: out side most of the day. I'm also having internet trouble where it cuts out more then it works -.-
Admin Vixaria Avatar
Sept 3, 2018 1:25:37 GMT
Admin Vixaria: Totally fine loves, everyone is trying to get back into the swing of college or school or life might just have taken a weird turn. It's all good ^-^
Admin Vixaria Avatar
Sept 11, 2018 18:08:02 GMT
Admin Vixaria: Good evening wolves! ^-^
Admin Vixaria Avatar
Sept 12, 2018 16:09:20 GMT
Admin Vixaria: Goodmorning wolves ^-^
Mod Nere Avatar
Sept 20, 2018 14:41:49 GMT
Mod Nere: Good Morning y'all! :)
Guest Avatar
Sept 25, 2018 19:42:56 GMT
Ratonhnhakéton: Hey y'all so I won't be getting my charger or rather ordering my charger till Friday
Guest Avatar
Sept 25, 2018 19:44:00 GMT
Ratonhnhakéton: Im messaging from myIPOD which hates on so I can't get on often
Guest Avatar
Oct 2, 2018 22:43:43 GMT
Ratonhnhaketon: I will be getting my charger Friday. :)
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